Floods in Australia Make Coal Price Rise

JAKARTA - One of the causes of soaring coal prices rose in the international market was flooding that struck the area some time ago in Australia. Known, Australia is one of the largest coal exporter to Indonesia. "The problem now, the price of coal. There was flooding in Australia. To recover within two years alone can not. So that soaring coal prices can not be predicted," said Senior Advisor Communications Minister Ilyas Saad, during a press conference at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, in Jakarta on Friday (14/01/2011). Furthermore, associated with the implementation of Domestic Market Obligation (DMO) is a step taken in the supply of coal. This is already done, so that distribution is also clear where it came from. So we can be sure if the price of coal going up is not included within the scope of the DMO. Coal prices continue to soar into their own fears for the red plate company PLN. Because PLN as a user of coal as a power supply. In fact in mind, Indonesia is also one producer of coal. Thus, the government, especially Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources is expected if the coal producer or a businessman in Indonesia could be dedicated to domestic interests in an effort to ward off the price of coal continued to soar. "Employers of our coal should be dedicated to domestic interests," he said. (ade) Yuni Astutik - Okezone

Lorenzo Come Again

JAKARTA - Jorge Lorenzo will return to visit his fans in Indonesia. This time, he would come to fulfill his promise to celebrate its success appear as a champion of MotoGP 2010. According to the PR and Corporate Communication Head YMKI, Indra Dwi Sunda, Lorenzo will be in Indonesia for four days, starting Friday (14/01/2011). Yamaha rider is going to visit his fans who are in three major cities, Jakarta, Surabaya and Bali. 'Yes, he was flying today. He will visit three cities over here. Friday (14/01/2011) in Jakarta, Surabaya and 16 in the final in Bali on 17, "said Indra when contacted Legal, Wednesday (01/12/2011). In addition to celebrating his success became world champion with her fans in Indonesia, Lorenzo visit this time also aims to ask the blessing before his fight in the competition MotoGP 2011, March. "He's here to share his happiness became world champion with his fans here, as well as to ask for prayers from the fans prior to appearing on next season. He's also here to complete the contract (ad), "added Indra. Unfortunately, the show Meet and Greet the dilakoni Lorenzo this time is not open to the public. Only the lucky fans who won a lottery that made the Yamaha, which will have the opportunity to meet directly with the 24-year racer. Lorenzo himself had previously been announced via Twitter account, that he will come back to Indonesia for a third time, having previously had come in 2008 and February 2010. In booms, Lorenzo wrote, "Hello Indonesia, today I fly there (Indonesia). See you there. "(ACF) Achmad Firdaus - Okezone

2011 Politik di Indonesia Mengalami Kegaduhan

JAKARTA - Peneliti senior Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia (LIPI) Siti Zuhro mengatakan, pada 2011 dinamika perpolitikan Indonesia akan mengalami kegaduhan. "Akan mengalami kegaduhan karena di tahun 2011 nanti akan ada serangkaian agenda, khususnya paket undang-undang perpolitikan yang harus diselesaikan," ujarnya saat dihubungi okezone, Kamis (30/12/2010). Dia pun menyebutkan sejumlah agenda yang harus diselesaikan di antaranya soal pemilu dan Keistimewaan Yogyakarta serta lainnya. Dan pembahasan agenda politik itu, menurutnya, tentu saja sarat akan kepentingan parpol untuk menuju 2014. Selain itu parpol juga akan berlomba untuk mencari sosok-sosok yang dianggap penting untuk maju dalam Pilpres nanti. "Untuk tahun 2011 unsur-unsur lobi antar partai semakin kuat sehingga akan mempengaruhi publik," ungkapnya. (crl) Carolina Christina - Okezone

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