Jengkol, though odor, But High Nutritious

Jengkol, though odor, however unpleasant smell Nourishing High is one of the most prominent characteristics of foodstuffs named jengkol. In the matter of smells, probably only petai can beat jengkol, although the smell jengkol relatively more 'soft', not odor petai. There are jokes about the smell, if you want to remove the smell of petai jengkol eat, or vice versa. so the question is, why jengkol could cause a bad odor? cause of the odor is actually a contained omino acid in seed jengkol. amino acids is dominated by amino acids containing sulfur (S) or a general sulfur. to better facilitate a clearer and the smell jengkol in connection with the element sulfur is the smell generated when we visit to crater a high sulfur content. when degraded or fragmented - broken into smaller components, amino acids it will produce a variety of flavor components is very smelly because of the effect of sulfur. one of the gas that is formed by elements that are very famous H2S odor. because of the smell factor is also making jengkol always placed as a lower-class food and people who like jengkol often feel ashamed if known to others. for some circles, it is probably impossible to avoid eating jengkol just for the sake of prestige watch, when they were actually a big fan of jengkol. jengkol actually smell can be reduced, although not be eliminated altogether. can be done many ways, one of them through the process of soaking and boiling. thus, both processes besides jengkol useful to soften the seed, also serves to reduce odor. other than that, so the smell is not too overpowering, urination should also use the right techniques, eg by rinsing before and after waste water, plus adding the floor fragrances. with carbolic or fragrances, floor, although the smell does not disappear altogether jengkol, smell the smell of carbolic acid could compete with the aroma of orange, apple or lavender. nutrient-rich if for the smell and the fear factor against the possibility jengkolat acid poisoning, people should just avoid eating jengkol. but, if refused jengkol as junk food, those views should be corrected. why? matters beyond the smell and cause poisoning jengkolat acid content, the real jengkol including nutrient-rich food. research results show, jengkol rich in carbohydrates, protein, vitamins A, B and C, phosphorus, calcium, alkaloids, essential oils, steroids, glycosides, tannins, and saponins. even, protein content was still higher than jengkol tempeh (18.3 grams per 100 grams of material) which is called - referred to as a source of high protein vegetable food. jengkol although very smelly but jengkol can cure diseases such as diabetes.

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