Recognize Cancer and Tumors in the General

Tumor is one wild cells residing in the body and continue to expand at a fixed location or not spread to other parts of the body. Due to this enlargement will appear lumps on a particular body part. Therefore, the appearance of a bump on a particular body part, whether or not accompanied by pain should watch as a tumor. If not properly treated tumor cells can turn into cancer. In contrast to tumors that do not grow, even in the cancer cells continue to divide rapidly and uncontrollably. Because of this nature, the cancer cells very easily spread to several parts of the body. If not promptly treated, cancer cells will continue to grow infiltrate into surrounding tissue, then make the child to a more spread far through the veins and lymph vessels. Cancer cells have spread to many places is very difficult to treat. In fact, medically quite slim hope of recovery. Until now, scientists around the world no one can give an assurance of the causes of cancer in a person. Indeed, until recently has done various kinds of research with animal experiments to determine the cause of the growth of cancer, but still it can not be the exact size. The factors that cause the growth of cancer: 1. Heredity, both of the parents directly or from his ancestors. 2. Ultraviolet light and radioactive rays (bask in the sun). 3. Carcinogenic substances (eg baked foods containing preservatives and dyes). 4. Chronic infection / stimulation / irritation. 5. Environmental pollution (air pollution, water contamination). 6. Certain drugs such as hormones. 7. Alcoholic beverages and liquor. 8. Smoke cigarettes, applies to the active and passive smokers. 9. Diet is one in a long time. 10. Poor endurance (often ailing). 11. Fatty foods, both from beef, mutton, pork, and chicken meat country. 12. Changing sexual partners. The Growing Cancer signs or symptoms of cancer patients are often too late to know the signs or symptoms of cancer cell growth. This is due to ignorance or the patient did not feel any pain. Moreover, when cancer grows in hidden parts of the body, for example in the brain, lungs, liver, kidney, or intestines. Therefore, the following things need to be aware of: 1. Sore or swollen wound that does not heal. 2. There is a lump or tissue in the body of the wild anywhere. 3. Mucus or blood discharge from the nipple, anal canal, or other body opening. 4. Bleeding very much, either when menstruating or are not menstruating. 5. Change the color, shape, or itchy warts and moles. 6. Large or small bowel is not normal or impaired. 7. Constant hoarseness or cough that never healed. 8. Swallowing difficulties in the long term and not lost. 9. Weight loss is increasingly reduced with no known cause. 10. Experiencing constant headaches. 11. Agency is always weak, limp, fever, pallor, and become inflamed. Medical Diagnosis For this type of tumor or cancer is easily palpated and seen as a breast tumor, lump in the neck and other body parts, or easily diagnosed skin cancer. However, for the cyst, myoma, or cancer of the hidden body part is difficult to know because sometimes it does not provide any physical symptoms. Therefore, the diagnosis is medically necessary. Early-stage cancer treatment easily followed up, both with modern and traditional therapies. Some medical examination can be taken for some cases as follows: 1. Pap-smear to detect cervical cancer. 2. Radiological examination to determine the lung and bone cancer. 3. Mammography for breast cancer cases. 4. Ultrasonography to diagnose the cyst and myoma in the interior of the body. 5. Endoscopic observation for the inner organs. 6. Colposcopy for the observation of the cervix. 7. Laparoscopy for observation of the abdominal cavity. 8. Snapshots layers of the body with CT scans and MRIs. 9. Biopsies (taking tissue samples of cancer cells) to determine whether or not malignant cells. 10. Laboratory examination to determine the sign of tumor, peripheral blood, urine analysis, liver function work, the work function of the kidneys, and other blood chemistry. Care and Treatment Overcoming cancer is not something easy, but it does not mean can not be overcome. Sometimes the same number of cases and complaints of patients given the same ingredients, it speeds the healing of each patient is different. This often occurs because of dietary and lifestyle of each person is different. Therefore, to care and treatment needs to be done a few things as follows: 1. Suggest that patients with adequate rest. 2. Keep the room used for patients who can get fresh air. 3. Strive to be patient always boiling water bath with medicinal plants of warm and salt. 4. Keep fatty foods. 5. Avoid stimulating beverages (eg: alcohol, soft drinks). 6. Provide nutritious foods and beverages, such as eggs, fish, and milk. 7. Perbanyaklah eating spinach, peas, carrots and green beans. 8. Try every day eat fruits like apples, oranges, starfruit, watermelon, red guava, beets, and tomatoes. Try a day konsusmsi juice of 1 kg of fruits. 9. Keep doing medical checks to ensure the development of disease. Foods that should be avoided by cancer patients, among others: 1. * Bean sprouts vegetables contain substances that stimulate the growth of cancer cells. * White mustard and kangkong reduce the effectiveness of the drug. * Chili stimulates the activity of the subconscious and thus reducing the amount of oxygen in the body. 2. * Longan fruit and jackfruit grow to contain cancer cells. * Durian, duku, pineapples, and grapes that produce alcohol stimulates the growth of cancer cells. * A soft drink or soft drink carcinogen. * Ice or cold drinks disrupt the smooth circulation of blood. * Alcohol stimulates the activity of the subconscious so that the amount of oxygen in the body decreases. 3. Salted Meat and Fish * Meat (beef, buffalo, goats, pigs) to facilitate the growth of abnormal cells. * Fish sauce prepared from fresh ingredients are not experiencing the decomposition so that the allergen ingredients are inviting the immune reaction. As a result, the body will feel feverish, gatalgatal, and swelling. Meanwhile, for people with cancer will occur and the reaction throbbing pain arising in parts of the body affected by cancer. Furthermore, because there is disruption of permeability (water absorption) of tissue, the wound surface will look wet, mushy, and sometimes bleeding. Even more alarming, some fish processor manufacturers often add preservatives formalin or body, not a food preservative. Formalin is hepatotoxic or toxic to the liver, so the longer interfere with the working system of cells and tissues, which eventually lead to cancer. 4. Preserved foods * Foods containing curing chemical compounds that could turn into active carcinogens. 5. * Lobster seafood, shellfish, crab, squid contain high fat content. Patients with cancer or a tumor must reduce food containing high fat. (There is no reason why dangerous, please added). 6. Meat Poultry * Normally to spur the growth of livestock or poultry used chemical drugs, including hormones that are injected into the animal's body weight of livestock or poultry so rapidly increasing. Hormone injections given to cattle similar to anabolic hormones in humans. This hormone is thought to trigger cancer and prostate gland cancer. 7. * Fruits Durian, jackfruit, longan, pineapple, lanseum and when they are very ripe wine contains alcohol which can trigger cancer cell growth. Healthy and Safe Food for People with Cancer 1. Vegetables * dark green vegetables: spinach, broccoli, mustard greens, Kai-lan, katuk. * Light green vegetables: watercress, lettuce, chives, ashitaba or Angelica, green onions, kenikir, gotu kola leaf, leaves, god, life continued. * Light-colored vegetables: cabbage, cauliflower, turnips, carrots, taro, yams, potatoes, bamboo shoots. Fruit * Vegetables: eggplant, tomatoes, Oyong, cucumber, papaya, pumpkins, corn, squash, beans. * Mushrooms: mushroom, mushroom, oyster mushroom. 2. * Side dish side dishes and foods that are safe for cancer patients: chicken, fish, eggs, chicken, tofu, tempeh, fish Wader, tilapia, carp, carp, catfish, fish pomfret. * Some of these foods should be processed into vegetable, Pepes, or steamed. Prepared by way of frying oil should use non-cholesterol and always use clean oil and has not been used before. In addition to reducing fat, take advantage of the fish belly down, do not take advantage of the head.

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