Overtime, False One Triggers Heart Disease

LONDON - Overtime may already be a culture among the workers a big city. But, be careful. Because the habit of working overtime can increase the risk of heart disease. A study from the European Heart Journal claiming that the people who work at least three hours longer each day have an increased risk of heart disease 60 percent higher than those who work in normal time. These findings obtained through exhaustive research on the 6014 British civil servants, aged 39-61, of which two thirds are male, who has a heart-healthy conditions in the early 1990s. Entering the 11th year study, 369 subjects known to have died due to heart failure or had experienced non-fatal heart attack, according to the Straits Times reported on Thursday (01/06/2011). After accounting for factors such as smoking, being overweight and high cholesterol levels, doctors found that working three and four hours longer has a 60 percent higher risk than those who do not work overtime. Those who work overtime is usually a little younger than the group that did not work overtime. The group also dominated by male workers overtime and have a higher position. According to the researchers, the relationship between heart disease and working overtime it seems pretty clear. However, not so with the cause, considering the complexity of heart disease as well as relations in the workplace. For example, working overtime can affect metabolism or cover the condition of depression, anxiety, and lack of sleep. There is also a phenomenon in which the overtime employees may ignore symptoms of the disease and continue working. However, it should be noted, employees who love their jobs and have more freedom in making decisions in the workplace, usually work longer due to personal pleasure. For this group, the risk of heart failure was lower. "It needs more research before we can declare with certainty that the overtime can lead to heart disease," said Marianna Virtanen, an epidemiologist at the University of Finland and University College London. (Srn) Defanie Arianti - Okezone

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